A Creative Solution to “Lost Luggage Syndrome”

Spot My Bag was created by Rod Coulter, a business man and entrepreneur, who has spent many hours sifting though identical-looking luggage on airport conveyor belts. Having to identify the bags for each member of his family became even more difficult as his family grew. Rod realized that having standard looking luggage was not wise, especially with a family of six children.

In an effort to solve his “luggage issues” when traveling, Rod proceeded to make his first customizable luggage decorated with vacation pictures for his personal use. Shortly after getting the bags, he took his family on a vacation and was able to immediately “spot” his family’s bags on the luggage conveyor belts. Other travelers also commented on how great they thought the personalized luggage was and asked where to buy them. Rod’s answer was “shortly, they will be available on my website”. And now they are!

personalized luggage
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